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Do you have a prayer request?

Submit your request by clicking here.


How can you help the Prayer Partners Ministry? 


Be a Prayer Warrior-- pray for Holy Cross and it's member's specific needs. Join the team. If you are interested in receiving Prayer Requests by e-mail, please send your name and e-mail address to Diane Kurtz in the church office ( or call 281.633.2000.


Eight reasons to pray...

1. We are instructed to pray in scripture.
2. Jesus, who is our example as Christians, prayed.
3. We can communicate with God through prayer - confessing our sins, repenting, submitting requests, seeking God's help, and entering into worship and praise.
4. We partner and participate in the work of God, bringing others to faith in Christ, healing relationships, and gaining strength to endure trials.
5. We gain power over evil through prayer - even those who are weak physically can be strong spiritually!
6. We are kept humble before God with prayer - we realize God is in control and we are unable to accomplish anything on our own, apart from Him.
7. Answered prayer can be a powerful witness to unbelievers.
8. Prayer can succeed when other means of help for a person or situation have failed.

Come Alive This Sunday!...We Welcome All! Worship at 10:00am

We would love to welcome you this Sunday at our Worship Service, beginning at 10:00am. We have programs for all ages and we know your family will like it here! Join us after the service in the Gathering Space at our coffee and refreshments bar. We'd love to talk with you and get to know you. Listen to the powerful Sunday messages on this website from Rev. Scott Thompson. Select "Podcasts" on the menu bar.