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Family Promise

Fort Bend Family Promise provides support services to homeless families in Fort Bend County.

Fort Bend Family Promise

Fort Bend Family Promise provides support services to homeless families in Fort Bend County. This typically includes housing families temporarily in supporting churches. Holy Cross assists Parkway UMC in this endeavor by providing meals as needed once a quarter. We'll be serving again the week of August 14th and look forward to your continued help and support!

Mark your calendar and start thinking about how you and your friends can team up to provide the blessing of meals and the care that they convey to families served by this important ministry. Examples of meals Holy Cross members have provided: Costco rotisserie chicken, homemade sides and dessert; pollo guisado with HEB French bread & pie; fajita dinners; restaurant spaghetti & meatballs; meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and dessert.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Will I need to bring drinks?

A: Only dinner is required, but drinks (e.g. sodas, ice tea, juice) are a bonus!

Q: Do I need to provide plates/napkins/utensils?

A: No tableware is needed.

Q: How many people exactly are we feeding?

A: Because the number of families staying at FBFP fluctuates we will not have an exact count until 1-2 weeks before meal delivery. We will send people who sign up an email as soon as we know!

Q: Are there any food allergies/dietary restrictions?

A: Possibly. If so, we will be informed 1-2 weeks before meal delivery when we know more details about the families.

Q: Is there any way to heat the meals on-site?

A: FBFP does not have any ovens or other ways to heat the food. We recommend trying to deliver the food ready to serve. Meals will be served from the kitchen area at Parkway. Food should be prepared prior to delivery, but appliances are available to keep things warm or cold.

Q: I can't cook or make it out there, can I have a restaurant deliver some meals?

A: Yes! Just send it to the address provided.