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Worship God Regularly

Worship God Regularly

Jesus Did. To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is to do what Jesus did. Jesus worshipped God regularly, every week (Lk 4:16). He didn’t do just nine commandments. He kept all ten, including the fourth, which is “Keep the Sabbath Day holy” (cf. Ex 20:1-17). As disciples of Jesus, we do the same.  

God’s Promise. As disciples, we gather together each Lord’s Day to worship, pray, hear God’s Word, and receive grace in the sacraments. And God’s promise is that when we do, he will make his special presences known to us (cf. Matt 18:20; Ps 22:3; Jn 4:23).

Learning to Commit. Regularity in worship isn’t easy. There are plenty of other things to do. Treating worship as an option rather than a priority is common. But discipleship calls us to something more. So, as a first level commitment, we commit to gathering each Lord’s Day to worship him who honors those who honor him (cf. Heb 11:6; 1 Sam 2:30b)

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